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PRODUCTS: Bevel Gear Operators for valves

Bevel gear operators torque output (Kg.m)

Bevel gear operators torque output (Kg m)

1 Kgm = 9,8070 Nm      1 Nm = 0,73756 lbf.ft     1 Nm = 8,8507 lbf.ins

General Description

They are made up of a bevel wheel and a pinion which are supported by ball bearings in order to achieve high performance.

Accurate design and manufacturing ensure maximum performance and durability.

The said bevel gear actuators are mounted on multi-turn valves like: gate valves, globe valves, knife valves, penstock, etc. and are as diverse as the industries where these valves are installed.

Can be used with valves requiring thrust as well as those which only need turning torque
Are provided in either manual or motorizable versions.
The input Bevel pinion is fully supported on deep groove ball bearings to provide excellent radial support.

Our actuators have gear sets with high-quality spiral toothing made of hardened carburised steel. Gear sets with spiral toothing offer the advantage of very favourable engagement factors (high meshing ratio). Therefore, they are predestined for usage with high loads, combined with optimal running smoothness and high transmission accuracy.


Accurate design and manufacturing ensure maximum performance and durability.

Are designed weatherproof in accordance with standard IP67.

All our actuators are coated acc. to UNE–EN ISO 12944-6 with a total thickness of 230µ that allow them stand under marine C5 atmosphere.

The range of temperature for continuous operation is from -20 to +120 ºC.

The housing can be sealed by the valve stem protection tube or plug.

All external castings are Cast Iron (0-1 & 2) or Nodular Cast Iron, providing high strength and impact resistance.

Heavy duty roller bearings supporting both radial & axial thrust loads.

The input Bevel pinion is fully supported on deep groove ball bearings to provide excellent radial support.

These actuators are supplied with a flat mounting base according to ISO-5210 standard.
For the standard one, aluminum bronze is used according to ASTM B148 C95800. On demand, Ni-Resist is used according to ASTM A439 type D2 in compliance with the API standard 600.
The driving nut is solid. Should the customer wish, it can also be threaded, with a groove for the key, etc.

The installation position is defined by the gearbox side directed downwards during operation.The gearboxes can be used in all installation positions. The technically most favourable and thus recommended installation position is the position in which the shafts are horizontal.

If the clockwise (CW) direction of rotation (viewing direction from shaft end face of the fast-rotating shaft towards the gearbox center) is selected, lower noise level is generated.
The actuators are lubricated with permanent grease.

The achievable efficiency depends on rotational speed, torque, installation position, sealing, and lubricant type.

Operating torque is applied by pulling on the Handwheel Rim. That’s called, Rim Pull

The amount of applied torque depends on the Rim Pull and the Handwheel size

The standard API RIM pull effort for manual applications is 360 N (80 pounds-force), but most applications are sized to 400 N RIM pull effort

Applied torque = Rim Pull x Half the Handwheel diameter.

The entire range of bevel gearboxes offers the possibility of three outputs Y Type, with the same technical data, both in manual and motorized gearboxes.
Our gearboxes can be outfitted with a number of accessories. Please contact us for more detailed information.

The gearboxes are supplied without stem protection tube. On request, a protective tube can be supplied.

By fitting the protective tube and applying a suitable sealant to the thread, the gear unit is leak-proof.

Once the actuator has been mounted on the valve, the latter should not be raised by means of the actuator.

In order to store the actuators, proceed as follows:

  • Store in a clean dry place.
  • Protect the machined areas from shocks and rust.
  • Turn the input spindle several times every four months during storage.