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PRODUCTS: Bevel Gear Operators for valves

Bevel gear operators TORQUE OUTPUT (Kg.m)

Bevel gear operators torque output (Kg m)

1 Kgm = 9,8070 Nm      1 Nm = 0,73756 lbf.ft     1 Nm = 8,8507 lbf.ins

General Description

They are bevel gear operators made up of a bevel wheel and a pinion which are supported by ball bearings in order to achieve high performance.


These gearboxes can be used in services coupled to electric, pneumatic or hydraulic multi-turn actuators. When this is required, the gearbox has a flange and keyed-on spindle. FL5 and FL6 models can be motorized on request, as well as other types of flanges for all other models. Please contact us for more detailed information.


In order to reduce the input torque value and to obtain reasonable operating forces on the handwheel, FL2, FL3, FL4, FL5 and FL6 gearboxes can be fitted with a second reduction gear. On request they can be supplied with coupling for motorization according to ISO-5211. Please contact us for more detailed information.


The entire range of bevel gearboxes offers the possibility of three Y-type outputs, with the same technical data, both in manual and motorized gearboxes.


The said bevel gear operators are mounted on multi-turn valves like: gate valves, globe valves, knife valves, penstock, etc. and are as diverse as the industries where these valves are installed. They can be used for both manual and electrical operation. They are designed for use outdoors in accordance with standard IP67. The manufacturing quality of the gear operator complies with AGMA (American Gear Manufacturers Association) class 8. They can be used with valves requiring thrust as well as those which only need turning torque.

The input bevel gear is fully supported in ball bearings to provide excellent radial support.

All our gearboxes are coated according to UNE-EN ISO 12944-6 with a total thickness of 230µ allowing them to operate in a C5 marine atmosphere.

These operators are supplied with a flat mounting base according to ISO-5210 standard.
See Annex C of the Installation and Maintenance Manual.
For the standard one, aluminum bronze is used acording to ASTM B148 C95800. On demand, Ni-Resist used according to ASTM A439 type D2 in compliance with the API standard 600 is also used.

The driving nut is solid. Should the customer wish, it can also be threaded, with a groove for the key, etc.

The operators are lubricated with permanent grease.
The range of temperature for continuous operation is from -20 to +120 ºC.

Unless otherwise specified by the customer, these gearboxes are supplied without handwheel. A range of handwheels is available, which can be supplied with the gearbox on request. The customer will determine the diameter according to the tangential force to be obtained. See Installation and Maintenance Manual.

Other handwheel diameters can be supplied on request.

The applied torque depends on the tangential force applied to the handwheel and its diameter.

The RIM tangential force according to API standard for manual applications is 360 N (80 pounds of force), but most applications are sized for a RIM tangential force of 400 N.

Applied Torque = Applied Force x Flywheel Radius

Our actuators can be equipped with a range of accessories. Please contact us for more detailed information.
Our gearboxes are supplied without stem protection tube. A protective tube can be supplied on request. By fitting the protective tube and applying a suitable sealant to the thread, the gear unit is leak-tight.

All Talleres F. LARRINAGA model actuators are provided with their corresponding identification label.

For motorised gearboxes, it is very important to follow the instructions described in the installation and maintenance manual.

Once the operator has been mounted on the valve, the latter should not be raised by means of the operator.

In order to store the operators, proceed as follows:

  • Store in a clean dry place.
  • Protect the machined areas from shocks and rust.
  • Turn the input spindle several times every four months during storage.