Talleres F. Larrinaga

The company MANUAL GEARBOXES for valve manufacturing

Talleres F. Larrinaga Description

Talleres F. LARRINAGA is specialized in the design and manufacturing of gearboxes for industrial valves.

Based on our skills and experience we offer the design, manufacture and assembly of gearboxes according to customer needs: angles, locking system, two output shafts, impact steering wheel, gimbal connection, etc.

The main asset of the company is the human team, highly skilled, and with a philosophy of work: the accuracy to get a product of the highest quality.

Thanks to its professionalism and experience, Talleres F. LARRINAGA offer personalized attention to its clients, giving an advisory service that allows the customization of all the work to the specifications they require. In addition, thanks to the way of organization and means available, delivery times are guaranteed according to customer needs. It is, in short, a flexible and customized service fully guaranteed.

Talleres F. LARRINAGA offers an important advisory service, analyzing and defining which solution best suits the needs of each project. Thanks to this work, it is possible to provide a safe and long-lasting solution over time.

All this together with modern workshop of 6,000 m2 with 5 overhead cranes from 1.6 to 10 MT and 13 wall boom cranes from 250 to 1000 kg., coupled with modern and innovative production means, with capacity for machining parts 5200 mm long, 2700 and 6 MT weight, allow Talleres F. LARRINAGA to manufacture a high quality, reliable and competitive product.

Our Quality

Quality is our No.1 priority throughout the company including engineering, manufacturing and customer service.

Talleres F. LARRINAGA products are differentiated by their high quality, achieved thanks to their quality control system, both in process and final product. The metrology system performed during these stages ensure the dimensions within the requirements of the product and customer specifications.

Talleres F. LARRINAGA has implemented the quality system in compliance with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015, and all materials used have a quality certificate.

Our actuators are ATEX certified and also meet all the specific requirements of its customers.

All our actuators are coated acc. to UNE–EN ISO 12944-6 with a total thickness of 230µ that allow them stand under marine C5 atmosphere.