General description

They are bevel gear operators made up of a bevel wheel and a pinion which are supported by ball bearings in order to achieve high performance.


The said bevel gear operators are mounted on multi-return valves like: gate valves, globe valves, knife valves, penstock, etc. and are as diverse as the industries where these valves are installed. They can be used for both manual and electrical operation. They are designed for use outdoors in accordance with standard IP65. They can be used with both valves requiring thrust as well as those which only need turning torque.

Material for the driving nut

For the standard one, aluminium bronze is used. On demand, Ni-Resist according to ASTM A439 type D2 in compliance with the API standard 600 is also used.

Supply of the driving nut

The driving nut is solid. Should the customer wish, it can also be threaded, with a groove for the key, etc.


The supply operators are lubricated with permanent grease.

Application temperature

The range of temperature for continuous operation is from -20 to +80ÂșC.


Once the operator has been mounted on the valve, the latter should not be raised by means of the operator. In order to store the operators, proceed as follows:

- Store in a clean dry place.
- Protect the mechanized areas from shocks and oxidization.
- Turn the input spindle several times every four months during storage.